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Days 2 & 3, all at sea!!

So 24 hours at sea and almost 72 hours of uninterrupted transmission of stereo dementia fm (well for me anyway), I finally managed to go ‘off air’ and find my quiet corner. It’s in the wine bar!! No surprises there, but at six in the evening it would appear to be the least populated area of the ship (marvellous!!). I was beginning to doubt it existed (my quiet corner), and I started to stress out about finding hoards of bodies at every turn, but find it I did. I’ve more or less got my bearings, which is more than can be said for Dad or Mum. This bearing getting has involved a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between our respective cabins (at opposite ends of the ship). Just on the Harrison cabin to cabin shuttle I’m clocking up about two kilometres a day, and despite my earlier resistance to running indoors, I have made my peace with the treadmill for the time being.. bobbing around the obstacle course of bodies on the prom deck is not the best option. I will be the first person in history to come back from a cruise weighing less than when I left.

I’ve only managed to loose Mum & Dad a couple of times (at current time of writing, they have been temporarily mislaid), trying to find two old people in a sea of old people is decidedly hard. It would appear that all the little old ladies have been to the same hairdresser and all the little old men wear only navy blue. (I am thinking of buying matching fluorescent pink t-shirts for them to wear). I just work on the basis that they can’t go too far, they will almost certainly be close to a bar, and if I don’t find them Dad will at some point remember to look in one of the three pockets where I have put a slip of paper with their room details on it in, and I’ll see them there.

Worst case scenario I get a message over the tannoy asking me to come and retrieve them.. that’s provided they both remember I’m here!!

Sailing Away


  1. Erica

    Glad you found time time to write. And if you’ll permit me, the wine bar seems an excellent location to do so. Keep it up and I hope you find time, apart from the wine bar, to really enjoy the cruise. Also, if Internet is expensive, write offline and then just go online to paste the entry into your blog.

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