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A nice flower

a nice flower

a nice flower


Sometimes, when I can’t get my thoughts straight, and I can’t do sport to straighten my thoughts, I draw.

Sometimes I draw even when my thoughts are straight, which admittedly isn’t that often, as they tend to go in wavy lines to get to where they need to be.

I draw flowers because I have a university degree in drawing flowers. Well to be more specific, my degree is in textile design but flowery wallpaper and fabrics were a big thing in the late ’80’s when I was studying so I spent three whole years mainly drawing flowers… apart from one project which was inspired by Russian architecture… but I probably slipped a few flowers into the designs for good measure.

Today I drew a flower because I had a really tough interview with a huge multinational and came out of it feeling like I’d just been put through a mangle. I’m not sure they would have appreciated my flower drawing skills had I mentioned them. I have lots of other skills that they did appreciate because when I finished my degree I abandoned my flowers and went and got a “real” job in a big multinational, and then another one… and then another one…

Maybe I should have carried on drawing flowers…

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