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Triathlon Training Camp Logistics in an Infodoodle

It started with a Whatsapp group conversation (name of group “Ruidera Perris Cheaper”.. don’t ask, I have no idea) about the logistics of how eight triathletes and their bikes (and food) were going to get to a training camp 280km away in Ruidera. In the end, the conversation got so complicated that I decided to draw it to make things simpler for everyone.

Ruidera Logistics

Ruidera Logistics

And then I made it simpler still.

2014-05-05 12.09.05

Then they changed the name of the group, and people started switching plans, and as they switched plans they told me what changes to make to the drawing.

2014-05-05 12.09.22

Several versions followed and were duly posted to the group as more and more changes were made, until the final version when the doodler threw her hands up in the air and made a quick exit!!

Infodoodle Training Camp Logistics

Infodoodle Training Camp Logistics

As usual all the images were done on the “Paper” app by FiftyThree. My favourite app of all time!!


  1. Bonnie

    TTCL who can´t but help love Veri´s infodoodles:) The name change to Ruidera Crazy Bitches definitely hit the mark! You go girls go! Good luck to all, and may we please see more Veri infodoodles once the Tri is over. By the way, what are the dates?

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