In February 2009 I found myself without a job, without a car and very soon to be out of a flat .. oh and with two ex-husbands to my name….a situation a million light years from the one I had envisaged for myself at the age of 40. So rather than facing up to the reality of having to start from scratch I did what any sane person would do in the same position, I ran away for two months… to Argentina.

Just before I left… literally two days before, I decided to do a blog thinking that it would be the best way for friends and family to keep up with me without having to do lots of emailing, and it was something for me to remember my trip by.  But the blog soon became an integral part of the trip, as I found I was enjoying the writing  as much as I was enjoying all the amazing experiences… it also kept me occupied in those (often sought out) billy no-mates moments eating alone in restaurants, and rumbling through hundreds of kilometers of open road in an Andesmar bus..

Back to reality in Madrid I found myself at a real crossroads in life and with absolutely no idea what my next move would be, all I knew was that the idea going back to what I was doing before was bringing me out in a rash and there were a few different paths I wanted to explore before even having to consider that option again.

Trips to South Africa, back ‘home’ to the UK and finally San Francisco followed and the writing gave way to photography as 20 years of suppressed creativity (I have a degree in Textile Design that I never used) came bubbling to the surface and I decided to explore further and see where that path led me.

January 2014 update:  After two years of intense study and a stint working freelance in a very tough market, (I managed to pick the worst time in the history of photography to set up shop, and in one of the countries hardest hit by the recession – you’ve gotta love an optimist!), I wound up back on the corporate hamster wheel, and any creative forays both writing and snapping were relegated to weekends and holidays, until now.. another redundancy means I have free time again, and I’m taking full advantage whilst I figure out (once again), what my next move is going to be.  If nothing else, I’m getting very good at reinvention…

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