Groundhog Day

Well 16 months have passed since I wrote that last post, and at least four of my seven followers, (nine at peak times), have asked me why I suddenly stopped. I have to say that it was this simple; it just became too much. Taking care… Read More

Days 4 & 5 Ship to Shore

This whole writing to a deadline thing I’m not sure I’m awfully good at, but given that I am governed by internet availability I don’t have many alternatives, although I failed miserably with the last opportunity to upload anything, two days in Spanish waters, and… Read More

Days 2 & 3, all at sea!!

So 24 hours at sea and almost 72 hours of uninterrupted transmission of stereo dementia fm (well for me anyway), I finally managed to go ‘off air’ and find my quiet corner. It’s in the wine bar!! No surprises there, but at six in the… Read More

Day 1

So far so good, with the first leg of the trip getting under way without much of a hitch! I could just be being a little optimistic, but this might not be as trying as I expected! The night at home and the seven hours… Read More